World Climate Change-The Disbelievers

We’ve heard most of the snippet PR that the Climate deniers put out so I won’t bore you with any of those. What was fairly much a summation by a guest on the Bill Maher’s show. Here is the video.

The guest remarked that even in 1935 the world was warming (paraphrasing here) and I was left with the impression that he thought the world could warm faster than 80 years. /snicker, with a double snort)…and it was a rationality that was so unbelievable that he could make it seem one of the valid reasons that we shouldn’t believe in climate change, global warming or whatever the catch words are today. More, I really think he actually believes what he said without seeing the obvious Flaw in his argument but than again, he might be one of those people that think the earth was created in 6,000 years also.

One thing for sure, these people are never boring in their lack of science. If they have any children, their children probably know more than they do about Earth Science, well as long as they don’t live in Texas. 🙂

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  1. No matter how flawed their points, they refuse to understand that the Earth is Billions of years old. It did not become a water planet in seven days.

    That point is spacious (very, very wide off the mark) also, because no one Knows how long a ‘day’ is in God’s time line, for those of the spiritual belief. I’ve asked more than one. They get this really blank look, and I finally get tired of waiting for an answer and walk away.

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  2. I watched the show and could not believe they put that suit on a dummy. No one believed him. Bill would just let him talk and it always worked. Splat.

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    • I really liked your analogy…dummy suit Splat!….LOL …

      The world didn’t warm overnight, no more than it was ‘created’ overnight, but it has reached a tipping point. It might tip us off. erk!

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      • Enjoyed the article with the best video evidence.: It is weird the way Stephin (a wall street opinion mouth piece) talks to the camera and audience about some greedy agenda instead of climate change. I don’t know if he actually believes what he is saying but my guess is NO..

        In my old days, most Scientist I worked with were conservative. They started “warning” us years ago but for some reason, we forgot. Today, some Networks ignore Science but added the term,” super storms / super cells”.

        Scientist from all over the world have been collecting and sending research to independent Scientific Peer Review Boards.. These “Peer Review Boards” are a big deal or they use to be. They are validating, collecting, number crunching, and charting the planet’s climate health. The computer storage / power involved must be amazing. Scientist are “screaming” in their own unique way. The MIT review board sent a letter to the President about the new global threat. Congress made changes to the climate bill – removed all of the words, “human caused”.

        Yes, the tipping point worries me.


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        • In l993, I walked in snow up to my knees or rather trudged through it. In 2009, it was an ice storm, and now for the last three years, it’s only been a ‘dusting’ of snow. Thankfully no more ice here in W. KY. It was enough to convince me though Rachael Carson did a long time ago about the changes that people were doing to the earth. I still have her book, beat up, but readable. 🙂 ..

          I didn’t believe him either or that he believed what he was saying. It was his voice tone that gave it away. The thing though was that people Do believe what they are saying, ignoring all the science and the facts, for whatever reason. Even when it’s shoved in their faces, like the lack of snow here. Some will say, well it Did snow and it was Cold. whoopee do!

          It appears that now the future gens are going to have to live with the results. It’s past the tipping point for too many, especially coastal cities. The best they can do now is keep on reducing the pollution and the chemical pollution.

          Not that they are working too hard on it either. Water being a prime example and those warnings started with Rachael. Business just moves to another country that doesn’t have as stringent environmental laws and starts the pollution all over again.

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