Month: March 2015


single, solo songs, sang throaty renditions, vibrating emotional, deeply heartfelt softly sung, molasses slow words written, whispering lines sliced through the words capturing the essence within a degree of meaning sobbing, special scintillating sliding over structured scales no limits lethargically… Read More ›

Hot Spots Around the World

Africa with a million plus Chinese immigrants building roads, start-ups that are taking advantage of countries like Mozambique, among others, in their quest for profit (via bribing officials in some cases) and resources. A good read, one of many for… Read More ›

Coming with Spring

Romantic Dinners as though I didn’t conceive a thought how meeting you would wrought such a storm of emotions, longings in a whirlwind of summer contortions bring new different aspects, proportions the spring brings sun, delicate flowers, the sky darkens… Read More ›