Will Hawaii Be the First State to Go 100% Renewable?

There’s plenty of wind on Maui, where these turbines are providing power to the state which plans to go all-renewable by 2040. Photo credit: Shutterstock

There’s plenty of wind on Maui, where these turbines are providing power to the state which plans to go all-renewable by 2040. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Islands are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, especially rising sea levels. So maybe it’s no surprise that Hawaii is considering legislation that would make it the first state in the U.S. to be entirely powered by renewable energy—in a mere 25 years.

The benefits of renewable energy to Hawaii are clear. While it has to import virtually all of its fuel and hence has among the highest electricity prices in the country, it has an an ample supply of sun and wind, as well as sources of geothermal and hydropower. To date, imported oil has been the source of most of its power. But that’s already changing quickly. In the last six years, it’s increased the share of power coming from renewables by 12 percent. Currently the state gets slightly more than 21 percent of its power from renewable sources, exceeding its 2015 target of 15 percent.

Read More at EcoWatch.

I really enjoyed reading this for some reason.  It was all so logical.

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  1. What a perfect solution for Hawaii! Great news!

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  2. Renewable energy is so awesome. Even though it’s been around for years, it’s really taking off now.

    It seems just yesterday, people were poo pooing renewables.

    “oh the wind turbines are so big and ugle, and the solar panels are so expensive…blah blah blah..”

    Now it’s here to stay….YAY!

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    • We are so happy to see our friend, bluebirdsister, again. You are always missed when you are not around.

      These conservatives, like Senator James Inhofe, persons bought and wholly owned by the oil and gas industry, have done a great disservice to America’s ability to complete in the new global energy market. Germany, China, and now even the oil-producing Arab states, are way ahead of the curve in investing in renewable energy.

      And so here we are. Keystone XL is a dud that the Kochs and their zombie minions are still clamoring for, the oil and natural gas companies are laying off thousands of American workers–who could have been better employed in the renewable energy sector, had not the many dim bulb conservatives in Congress, like Inhofe, opposed sensible initiatives at every opportunity–and history makes Barack Obama look like a leader who conservatives were too stupid and hellbent against to follow.

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