single, solo songs, sang
throaty renditions, vibrating
emotional, deeply heartfelt

softly sung, molasses slow

words written, whispering
lines sliced through the words
capturing the essence
within a degree of meaning
sobbing, special scintillating
sliding over structured scales

no limits lethargically lingering
in optimum octaves oscillating
reverberating with meaning
captivating strings strung
guitar, cello, violin, mandolin
bowed up and down the chords
notes, chords, words layered
intertwined, entertain in between

flitting fireflies, figure following
flawlessly inserted, in intent soft
gathering gossamer emotions
made into desired, diaphanous
sophisticate, spiders dewy webs

enters a slight hitch, horographic
vivacious vocal crack in syllables
stylized, sinks, wrapping soulfully
leaving, weighted weeping tears
streaking ones cheeks wetly

melodic chorus background
careful completion coming
dispatch dictums of advice
epithets, haunting, drawn
veritable painting of words
replenish healing soothing souls

Categories: Poetry

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  1. Without songs, the world’s soul would be bereft

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