About Us

Welcome to the World News Forum. We represent a diverse community of persons dedicated to the civil and constructive discussion of major world news events and current issues. World News Forum is a nonpartisan site intended to help promote a deeper understanding of important issues and better communication between people of different cultures and identities.

The World News Forum was created specifically to provide an alternative community discussion venue for persons serious about posting, writing and discussing articles related to current world news events.

My primary role as editor of the World News Forum is to supervise the trivial details of site appearance and operation. I try to make sure that the Fair Use principles of copyright laws are respected, that photos are centered with captions, and that credits and links are provided where appropriate. Author content will not be infringed upon without permission.

As editor, I am here to provide publishing assistance to users, moderate content to conform with community standards, and to ensure coherence of site presentation.

The World News Forum aims to be a site that its members will be proud of and enjoy using.

If you would be interested in joining us, you may use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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