Grey Wisp

the pieces, scattered through history, millenniums ill-shaped, jagged edges, revolving, resolving alone, without meaning, unless brought together one piece dissolving into another, breaking apart mystery hidden within mystery, hooded by, grey tiny grey shapes emerging, merging into a, shape the… Read More ›

When Souls Part

walk quickly, look not behind lest you see the tears that fall at your leaving the entwined souls, mating of minds, sharing of secrets, lives cleaving long proclaimed, your love even as it diminished, crumbled to ashes, cold justifications, gaunt,… Read More ›

Charge Of The Knights

wherefore do I see those come the chosen knights to lead the charge? horses, galloping, charge, brilliant in armor covered in ruby red blood wavering in trepidation, lost compassion wanders the darkened bypaths amid the flowering greenery, seeking love is… Read More ›

In The Maelstrom Created

lost in a melodramatic moment of unrepentant angst with money being the only requirement and thanks a veritable storm of oratory, rhetoric without the music waving, shouting from the pulpit, ever egocentric to soothe the soul, capture the minds, ignite… Read More ›


delicate etching, engraved to make a picture of lace wood precision, laved for balance of a face more than more, the gift talent through eons shift in each casting, seen complete or incomplete the symmetric of keen lineated flair, undelete… Read More ›