Month: November 2014

Random Thoughts

Anyone keeping count of how many apologies GOP have to make for opening their mouth and sticking in their foot? It’s 66 degree’s right now and going downhill the rest of the week. It’s strange though because it doesn’t feel… Read More ›


I saw this today and thought it is interesting information especially since the world is growing in population and getting smaller in terms of travel by people. When we think of climate change, warmer ones especially, there is also a… Read More ›


Gaza A timeless photograph capturing the anguish of children affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria has won first prize in the European Union-supported 2014 UNRWA youth photography competition. The theme for the 2014 competition, ‘I Am Not a Statistic’,… Read More ›

As We See

Look beyond the myriad reasons the are many colors on the earth rainbows collide, blending, bleeding lost in the kaleidiscope of seasons passing through life, each tiny, small watch as they diminish in the distance follow their  path back where… Read More ›

Water Pipelines

By Zoltan Grossman via The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington With diminishing water supplies and rapid human population growth, communities and countries are being prompted to investigate alternative water resources. Water pipelines have been a proposed, but controversial option. These… Read More ›