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Airstrikes Kill 227 Civilians in Bloodiest Day, Including 65 Children and Women


In yet the bloodiest days since Russia began launching airstrikes on Syria, 227 civilians, including 43 children and 22 women, were killed on Friday in intensified air raids on Aleppo, Rural Damascus, Homs and Idlib. The Russian airstrikes hit mainly residential areas, markets and field hospitals.

Osama Taljo, member of the Syrian Coalition and head of Aleppo provisional council, said that the airstrikes hit 25 locations in Aleppo and its rural areas, targeting civilian areas. He added that the Russian air force used more than 100 vacuum and cluster bombs.

Taljo, based in liberated parts of Aleppo, confirms that 107 civilians were killed, adding that rescue teams are still searching for survivors under the rubble. He points out that teams are facing difficulties recovering the victims because of the lack of the necessary equipment.

He said that the National Company for Pharmaceutical Industries has stopped working after being hit with five airstrikes which caused severe damage.

Member of the political committee of Hassan al-Hashemi described the Friday’s bloody massacres as war crimes and crimes against humanity as many of the victims were children and women.

“These airstrikes and their timing reflects the Russian vision of the solution, exactly the same vision of the Assad regime which has pursued a military solution and systematic killing since day one,” Hashemi said. He points to attempts by some parties “to impose a solution in which Bashar al-Assad’s will survive in power, adding that the Syrian people rejects giving Assad any role in Syria’s future, even for a single day.

Hashemi emphasizes that Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah militia have failed for years to force Syrians to their knees, adding they have so far failed to dissuade the Syrian people from their efforts to topple the regime with all its symbols and pillars. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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