Syrian Network for Human Rights

1106 Civilians Killed in October 2016

Including 791 at the Hands of the Syrian and Russian Regime


SNHR has published its periodic death toll report for the month of October 2016 in which it documented the killing of 1106 civilians at the hands of the main influential parties in Syria.

The report breaks down the death toll of October 2016 where government forces killed 497 civilians including 113 children (Four children are killed every day) and 92 women in addition to 24 civilians who died due to torture.

Out of the total number of civilian victim, 42% were children and women which is an explicit indicator on the deliberate targeting of civilians by the government forces. The report notes that forces we believe are Russian killed 294 civilians including 81 children and 48 women.

Additionally, the report documented the killing of four civilians including one child and one woman at the hands of the Self-management forces (Primarily consisting of the Democratic Union Party forces – branch for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party)

Furthermore, the report notes that ISIS killed 129 civilians including 32 children and seven women while Fateh Al Sham Front killed three civilians.

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