How Republicans Rig the Game

Illustration by Victor Juhasz

National Republicans have waged an unrelenting campaign to exploit every weakness and anachronism in our electoral system. Through a combination of hyperpartisan redistricting of the House, unprecedented obstructionism in the Senate and racist voter suppression in the states, today’s GOP has locked in political power that it could never have secured on a level playing field.

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  1. I wonder if hate wins over what is best in us? I am so tired and I know we need more numbers to win in Nov. Does anyone think it is possible that the Blue team could win?

    Vote Blue in Nov. Vote in mass if you care.

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    • It’s absolutely possible. I even believe it’s probable, if we keep motivation ignited. Goodness always wins in the end — we just look at a current event outcome in it’s small picture, not in the whole. The end game for all that Koch Brothers and Ayn Randians represent thrive in shadows and darkness. The more spotlight is shown, the more inspired Blue voters will be inspired to get up off their duffs and go vote, or register to absentee, or whatever it takes.

      This is an old article that succinctly describes gerrymandering and the effects, IMO. That’s why i posted it, because we need to keep remembering, and remember we need 1.5 of OUR votes to match their 1.0 vote. Once we get it Blue, we can fix the laws they passed to rig the system. But first we have to have political power to do so. We gave up political power when we stayed home from the polls last time.

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      • Thanks for posting. It’s a good post. The subject matter is as important and relevant as ever. The context of the writing dates to after Obama’s re-election, so I understand why you didn’t add any excerpts. There really isn’t much that works. But I was able to spot this two sentence excerpt that nicely captures the gist of the article.

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    • I agree with storyartist. I think we’ll be all right. I think we’ll be all right because we Democrats understand what is at stake. Hatred and bigotry may be great motivators for some, but they are no equals for a sound comprehension of reality. We get it. They don’t. Remember how worried we were in 2012? Republicans weren’t worried; they were too busy being delusional. Obama was going to be a one term president. That was McConnell’s big goal in life. Remember? Say, by the way, how is ole Mitch doing these days?

      Not only did Barack Obama win a second term in an electoral landslide in 2012, but he is also just the fourth president in a century to have won two elections with more than 50 percent of the popular vote. What’s more, the party controls 55 seats in the Senate, and Democratic candidates for the House received well over a million more votes than their Republican counterparts in the election last year.

      Republicans have to rig elections; it’s their only hope. They represent a dwindling demographic. They are doing what they’ve been doing for decades, and that is struggling to keep reality at bay. They have been in deep denial for a long time.

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  2. It is looking like it may be possible. I have heard more and more old time republicans that say they are tired of how Congress is ignoring their own base and shaming their party agenda. Congress voted today to sue the President. That is a waste of our tax payer money at a time when we need leaders. It is clear that Congress is listening to the money and lobbyists. When a party counts on the lowest fraction of their base, the wealthy few, and attempts to suppress their voters, it is turns the majority against them. We need a mass turn our this Nov but it is looking possible.

    Thank you for posting this story. It gave me hope.

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