United States Food and Drug Administration

We don’t often think or take the time to review the details of what Federal Agencies do for us. One that does a lot is the Food and Drug Administration. 

I receive daily email notices from them. It pays to be in the know. 🙂

They’ve even made it easier for food suppliers to track food safety. Part I

The concern about Drug Shortages or Disruption in Supply can affect patients. The most significant event where patients died and which were also affected by politics,  occurred with compound drugs. 

People can make their voices heard with the FDA, which is often times better than trying to get the attention of politicians at the FDA Patient Network.

There is a lot more but keep in mind that food and drug safety is an A+ program and they need to have  an A+ budget to do their job.

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  1. Sometimes, information is so scattered across the internet, finding out what affects us isn’t easy. 😦

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  2. I agree. Don’t you love information hiding? My personal view: Some of is intentional and some has been decentralized. States played a role in decentralization but they are required to follow the federal governments guild lines. Sadly, some don’t always follow the rules. Today, “states rights” have complicated information control.

    The FDA is not hindered by states rights. Learning about everything the FDA is involved in blow my mind. The problem is that they are seriously understaffed most of those jobs require experience or highly educated field officers. I think the organization is amazing but they should be funded.


    • oh the states play a pivotal role, especially when it comes to reporting adverse effects of medication. Remember back in 2012 with the New England Compounding Center? They killed people with their idea of sanitation which was suppose to be inspected by state inspectors. The FDA waits until states report to the CDC about a medication that results in death or they think it does. It’s a bottom up thing because the state Pharm boards are also suppose to be doing due diligence.

      At least they’ve kept meds from really unsanitary conditions like some in other countries are from coming into the US.

      You are right on target, it’s all because they are underfunded……by Congress


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