Swedish FM to Israel’s Lieberman: I’d be happy to send him an IKEA flat pack – “He’ll see it requires a partner, cooperation and a good manual.”


A somewhat unusual war of words took place Thursday, after the new Swedish government made good on a recent pledge to recognize the state of Palestine, a move to which Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded furiously.

“The Swedish government should understand that Middle East relations are more complex than a piece of self-assembled IKEA furniture, and the matter should be handled with responsibility and sensitivity,” Lieberman said, as he announced that Israel would be pulling its ambassador from Stockholm.

But Swedish counterpart Margot Wallstrom was unmoved by Lieberman’s analogy.

“I will be happy to send Israel FM Lieberman an IKEA flat pack to assemble,” she said. “He’ll see it requires a partner, cooperation and a good manual.”

Full story here:  Swedish FM to Lieberman: I’d be happy to send you IKEA flat pack

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  1. Rolling with laughter! Lieberman never seems able to win when it comes to international politics, and this fine and astute lady, Margot Wallstrom, put him in his place using humor. I like Wallstrom’s panache, fire, and wit!

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  2. Nice seed. That’s what I call “world news.” So, the Swedes went and did it. Good for them.

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