Top 20 Most Popular Democracy Now! Interviews of 2014


Do you keep “Democracy Now” on your news radar?

This top 20 list of 2014 interviews covers a wide range of subject matter. Five of the top 20 are related to the I/P conflict and are critical of Israel.

As 2014 comes to an end, we look back at the 20 interviews that were watched and shared most widely on our website. As you check out this countdown, we’d love to hear which segment was your favorite of the year. What interviews are you surprised didn’t make this list? Tell us on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

Watch the videos at Democracy Now!

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3 replies

  1. Mike Gravel to Senator Mark Udall: Make Full Torture Probe Public Like I Did with Pentagon Papers
    hands down. 🙂

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  2. Still working on this. Excelent post. I had already (only) seen the Chomsky, Scahill and Snowden ones – evidence that I need to be more diligent about checking Democracy Now. I doubt I’ll be able to pick a favorite when I am through.


    • I missed a couple when they were new but I can see why all of them were popular.

      I was really surprised that 5 of the top 10 interviews were related to the I/P conflict and critical of Israel. Hey, I’m among friends when I follow this topic! I’ve been told “it’s none of my business”, “I’m too naive to understand it”, and even that I’m goin’ to hell for not having the proper pro-Israel posture – heh. I like to see I’m in good company.


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