you, once, stood in the shadows, hidden by the building’s corner
away from the warming sunlight that broke from, darkling  clouds
drifting away, after a fierce, nay, ferocious storm, that tore anew
the tree’s last leaves, harbinger of winter’s deepening, icy cold
you stood, but a moment, for me, than turned and walked away

all, the token words you said, silenced by, the storm’s lion roar
wind, twisting the sound and ascending, soaring into the heavens
I stood silent, frozen words, carved in my heart. lasting forever
cloaked in the sadness, tears falling as silently, into the puddles
of water, left by a storm that rent the heavens skies, at your leaving

the long passage of time has not dimmed those words, rekindled
written from  your heart’s love, given equally with gentleness, ease
I lingered to hope, perhaps you would turn around and come closer
a dim hope, left to shred in the storm’s beginning, whipped by winds
so terrifying, to anchor me without anyone to clasp tight, bending low

I dissolve into the mists of time, contemplate, shadowed, by many
seen by you, since you first opened your eyes, shades long gone
I occasionally pass by the corner of that lone building, now empty
glance to see if you are there, standing in the shadows of that corner
watching, to see if I too, pass by, for the time it takes to walk that block

for only a glimpse I would weep, not tears of sorrow, but happiness
you walk, yet still in this world, to be smiling at a joke, lifting a flower
to smell the cloyness of the rose, scent of the many perfumed gifts
from the earth and sun, opened to you, in acquiescent of your love
careful tending of the slightest, least, set among the myriad gardens

long ago, when I was younger, without thought or goal, only youth
floating along on the days, through the seasons, nothing to find
nothing to seek, follow the directions, of those adults, in my life
my love, found late, alone among many, you stand in the shadows
now closer to the last chapter of the book of my life, I see you, still

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  1. Another stab at …poetry. 🙂

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  2. I like it. I love how you used metphors here.


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