Would You

yearn for that beyond the stars. the edge of universe which is naught but a dream
yearn for easier to reach, those of  the highest peaks, reaches of the mountains
yearn for that land, those witched, and are beyond the fogs roiling on the oceans
yearn for that depth, that heat beyond the deserts and deep down in the earth
the heat of life is born, slowly or violently will heave up, give birth to more,  life

comes, pushing beyond to meet the gentle rays, emitting from the far off sun
a solar start that was born in flames, molten pieces of stars from above, around
once melded into the golden salvation of the earth that would soon have cooled
verily. shriveled into a ball of watered ice, frozen to pass into the reaches of time
past ages unknown, ever turning, revolving in a frozen grimace of endless ice

Neither came about as the earth moved beyond the reach of suns rays
stayed, a close loving dance of lovers as they were made, dancing, dancing
in a careful cautious distance, until, one day they too would meld into one
yield to the forces of massive strengths, awe inspiring caress brought forth
twins of life and at the end of their dance, death, the coldness of universe
ever marching, sightless into a twirling. remote corner of the missive of life
given to many, ever evolving in a darkness that is blacker than blackest night

Fate or Destiny entered, for a time, a small space granted by the Universe
to savor the quietness of Life, drink deep of it’s gift, evolved from atoms
molecules arranged into a myriad of shapes, forms that roam the earth
down into the core of the heart and upward into the space that wraps it
a shroud, yet waiting to enfold, to mummify once the heat of life is gone
quenched by the sun, it’s lover, exploding in glorious triumph at it’s power
as is the wound that was left, a warning of things to come ‘er the ages pass

long will the whisper pass into galaxies beyond, of this far dead star
of the passage none will note, are known to those long gone, deeds
shrouded in the mists of time, left only in words not understood by others
for there are others, evolving as the sun dies or have, notwithstanding
the alienness, of what the beings had sought to accomplish on a dead star
pieces, bits of it flying, soaring in an unending orbit past their galaxies

weep not for the ending, which proceed, for it has long been written
gather those that can stretch, reach beyond, into the space that is
searching, seeking, yearning to find a dream become, a new home
another shelter to sustain the gift of life, creation of hope, unending
walking among those that have no meaning of the value or view
those that hold their sustenance close, or at arms length if they have

Traverse the gardens of the galaxies, to spread through the Universe
this different life, once upon a time, glimpsed in the eye of the mote

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  1. Space travel, not your everyday walk in botanical gardens. 🙂

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  2. This is a beautiful piece of writing. It portrays the impossible dreams hiding deep in our minds but all we have is to imagine and dream because we know that we are so small in this universe to go beyond our dreams


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