Aft The Eaves Comes

drip, drip continuous drip
a sound so soft, sibilant
becoming akin to a cant
never reduction or a flip

little plops at the end
a pling now and then
a puddle, so swollen
after questing, a holen

calling one to drink
or become a sink
step into quicksand
instead of dry land

be wary of the drip
warning, no sip
does quench thirst
when one tries first

without due caution
morphing into daution
words with venom
from a phenom

drip, another drip
error or a slip
deeper down
painted clown

care in spelunking
or some debunking
have handy tools
to peruse with fools

Categories: Poetry

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  1. I had my faucet dripping, the temps dropped and to prevent pipes freezing, well.. that led to Other things. 🙂


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