Is Business Really Investing in the US?

Business deductions, tax credits and tax incentives are legal, but look deeper into
How they made it legal, through elected officials and legislation.

Buffett wasn’t kidding when he said his secretary paid more in taxes than he did. It  makes the elected Representatives a lot less patriotic than they claim to be.  It’s the current tax rate structure that legislators have in place

What is a fair taxation system became the next question. …It takes in a lot of US History of taxation and the divisions
of the tax structure. History is that no one wants to pay taxes But they want the benefits
of what taxes pay for in the short and long-term. Investing in government is paying taxes.
If we want the Best government and the Benefits of government, infrastructure, education,
health, a military, than there has to be a corresponding investment.

What do I think is fair” individual vs business? When the ‘subsidies’ (ie employee’s that qualify
for SNAP and Medicaid and things like infrastructure, education and training) of business
become more of a burden on the individual majority to pay for, that file straight form with
only the standard deductions than the share that business pays is not in tandem with the cost of a society.

What is fair, is that there should be more business investment that is more in line with the
individual investments.

When you do a ….cost analysis of a society….., the big picture so to speak, business is
not investing in their countries or in the US. Yet, their ideal is water/sewer, roads, bridges, (infrastructure),
industrial sites, electric grids, a military to protect, law, skilled educated, healthy workers. All paid
for by their employee’s, not them or investing the least amount possible.

Some lean towards ‘privatizing’ sectors of government to bring a balance but since business has
less than a stellar record when privatizing aspects that are a responsibility of government, ie roads,
bridges, education, health etc. Privatizing of government aspects has a Long history and not all of it good.
If not for Eisenhower, I seriously doubt if the US would have a viable Interstate Highway system. The fact
that subsequent Congress’s have depleted the Fund with various ‘projects’ that had nothing to do with roads
etc but more to get reelected, says a lot about our ‘patriot’ representatives and now they want to increase
the gasoline tax on individuals to refund the Fund.

A more current example: The state of KY gives incentives to companies, locally, one company is getting
$1.5 million, at the Same time the legislators in Frankfort passed legislation that allows cities to Increase their
local sales tax. Well, hey someone has to pay for those incentives right? But again the burden of paying for
business falls on the Individuals.

Tax havens are another point that business are not interested in investing in the societies that they not only
depend upon for their own progress but the people who buy their products. The sole reason for tax havens
was to ensure that business paid the very least amount of taxes to the country they claimed residency.

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  1. Fairness in what is invested by individuals and business in a societies needs has become a contentious issue. Yet, too many fail to understand that business has a vested long term interest in having many aspects of a society improved by their investment. Too many in business take the short term investment as enough and that long term investment is not in their best interest. It’s also known as being greedy for the now for their own embellishment.

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  2. Today, congress has even gone after workers retirement benefits. Proves that corporations are not good citizens and are not devoted to any nation.


    • Yeah, they want to do everything for business. When you look at the careers of the founding fathers, you would see that they were businessmen and they laid out a business plan for the US….for everyone and left it to us to fill in the blanks.

      Unfortunately, people have twisted it to their benefit and not the US.


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