Netanyahu Insults The U.S. To Their Face While Taking $8.6 Million In Aid Every Day


Is a stable and strong Israel important to the Middle Eastern region? Of course it is. However, that doesn’t mean we need to agree and bow down to everything that comes out of reelection hopeful Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mouth.

Republicans in Congress can’t seem to get enough of the warhawk prime minister. And it’s certain they wish President Obama was more like him and less like the logically sound, deep thinking, diplomatic chess player, and effective leader that he is. Republicans feel if you throw enough money at a problem overseas with enough might that somehow peace can evolve from an iron fist.

However, this isn’t World War II. Conflict in the Middle East hasn’t suddenly risen overnight and isn’t the work of one man creating an opposition for domination. Middle Eastern conflict has existed longer than history books can recall. Throwing money and military might at the conflict will not solve anything long-term. In fact, it could make things far worse. President Obama is thinking long-term, and that’s why he is working on a deal that of course isn’t perfect, but is a step in the right direction in hopes of resolving conflict diplomatically. Diplomacy should always be the first option.

Now, as Netanyahu spoke in front of a joint meeting of Congress, he approached his speech in a very skillfully formulated manner. He started by praising President Obama, this of course got a few Democrats to stand up and applaud — well-played, prime minister.

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  1. I find it interesting that the shenanigans Netanyahu pulls make the GOP gleeful and then turn around and accuse anyone opposed as anti-Jew.
    We are not anti-Jew at all only anti-approach to Netanyahu’s manner in leading.

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    • I agree completely. I have not heard any Democratic leader speak ill of Israel or the Jewish community. Netanyahu used the republican controlled congress. Have you seen the commercial Netanyahu is airing at home? It shows him before our congress and the reaction. That did not take long, did it? Sigh…..

      There is good news. Last I checked, Netanyahu is behind in the polls.

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