Syria Surrenders

gliding through the night
towards an unknown sight
attack and leave in ruins
death seeking it’s boons
homage to Death

as the dogs of war
seeds begun in bohr
tred with heavy foot
hatred with a deep root
hurried across the land
without appeasement
satiation of Death

as we stand in contemplation
of the idolators desecration
made by sacrificial blood
rivers of blood, a flood
crashing waves of insanity
bringer of Death

to appease their vanity
their unearned proclivity
surrounding their reverie
they sit in their aerie
hawks and vultures
wings of Death

the wind weeps, Lacrimosa
as the fluttering limosa
flies across the vast sea
little children crying, flee
hands raised in supplication
comes the Scythe of Death

Turkish photographer Osman Sagirii captured the photo of the girl at the Atmen refugee camp near the Syrian border to Turkey last December…

Syrian girl raises hands in ‘surrender’ in heartbreaking photo – Global News

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  1. When I saw this photo, it was the defining moment…there are no heroes in war.

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