In The Maelstrom Created

lost in a melodramatic moment of unrepentant angst
with money being the only requirement and thanks
a veritable storm of oratory, rhetoric without the music
waving, shouting from the pulpit, ever egocentric
to soothe the soul, capture the minds, ignite passion
flung with religious fervor while upturned faces turn ashen
from the hellfire waiting in the wings for unrepentant souls

what oratory can shout, ignite the minds for politics or religion?
flying through the millennium, morphing into a wingless pigeon
twins on the opposite sides of a coin to slot into the machine
would that one would say, nevermore an unrepentant philistine
betting on forlorn hopes or votes, the myriad people, enslaved
competition for a lack of intelligence, mindful decision waived
relentless beating the hatred drums without recourse disdained

commentary withstanding, wages of sin or omission, negotiated
brought to a court with malice unrelenting, opinions regurgitated
compassion missing, dismissed from the considered equation
leaving those more intelligent, befuddled at the apparent resignation
dismissal and acceptance of the consequences of helpless
invoking a future pathway unprecedented in wholesale hopeless
fleeing the wrath of war into situations painted with extreme despair

what ending for humanity on a planet of such small proportions?
removing politics and religion, where ends all the contortions?
when the apparent reality of destruction, death combined ending
a clarion calling, shouted loudly, with an inconsistent sending
enters those with myriad denials, spacious lies for the present
overwhelming in rhetoric to ferment discord, unite dissent
in cataclysmic aftermath, left with the waste of a depleted earth

Categories: Poetry

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  1. My Grandfather had the right idea, taking the battery out of his hearing aid’s on occasion…. 🙂

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