The Real War on Women

By St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

More than 1,600 Women Murdered by Men in One Year, New Study Finds

More than 1,600 women were murdered by men in 2013 and the most common weapon used was a gun, according to the new Violence Policy Center study When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2013 Homicide Data. In 2013, South Carolina highest rate of women murdered by men, followed by Alaska, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Nevada.”

Top Ten: South Carolina, Alaska, New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma (tied with TN) Vermont, Maine, Michigan

People with guns…kill. Men with guns kill women. It seems the 2nd Amendment is being applied to women since men don’t have anything else to shoot with a handgun /sarc and the US isn’t the only country with male gun violence targeting…. women.

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  1. When you follow the money, billions are spent on guns, ammunition, transporting same to various countries in the world and it is men doing the selling and buying.

    Here are the ”Big Six” exporters of weapons. and sadly though #6 Is the US.

    ”6. USA The United States is by far the world’s largest arms trader, accounting for around 30 per cent of conventional arms transfers in terms of value”

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  2. This issue alone drive me crazy. Excellent article.

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  3. Vermont is #8? WTF? I’m surprised Illinois and Missouri aren’t in the top 10.

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    • jward, I was too…

      statistics are based on guidelines which in this study was how many per 100,000, if I remember right. Which makes Vermont being one of the top states to not be a woman in a domestic violence situation when her hubby/partner owns a gun.

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