More than 11,000 Norwegians line up to shoot 16 wolves

Norwegian hunters outnumber wolves 763 to one, according to new figures for licences to kill population that could be as low as 30


A wolf standing in falling snow in Norway. Photograph: Alamy

Wolves have emerged as the most sought-after animal for Norwegian hunters this season, with 11,571 people registering for licences to shoot 16 animals – a ratio of 723 hunters per wolf.

The animals – of which Norway may have as few as 30 living in the wild – top the league in new figures that reveal a trigger-happy community of hunters.

The Norwegian brown bear comes in a close second with 10,930 registered licence holders keen to hunt down 18 individuals, followed by 10,820 licence holders interested in 141 wolverines, according to the country’s register for hunters.

The number of those registering to hunt wolves in the 2015-16 season compares with just under 10,000 people registered for the 2013-14 season – the last for which figures are available, according to the Norwegian Association for Fishing and Hunting.

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  1. Wolves may be on the brink of extinction in Norway, but Neanderthal man is alive and well. Disgusting, ignorant, macho bull shit.

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  2. This is heartbreaking. I hope that getting this information out there causes some shame among the hunters, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

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  3. Shameful . With such low numbers – the 30 wolves,18 bears, and 141 wolverines do not have a chance. I do not understand Norway’s lack of interest or compassion. I guess they only care about selling a hunting license. Messed up.

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