Trump Won Super Tuesday Because America Is Racist

A member of the audience cheers as Republican  Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Ga., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A member of the audience cheers as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Ga., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

By Brittany King

I woke up Wednesday morning to a slew of confused Facebook statuses and tweets. Most of them read something like this:

“So disappointed in my country right now. How could we let a blatant racist get so far in this election?”

Because this country is racist. I know it seems crazy, but your Facebook friend from high school isn’t the only one in the country who still calls black people monkeys and assumes all Hispanics are here illegally.

Before I get called un-American, or a hater or whatever else Trump supporters will put in the comments let me say that I love this country. I’ve grown up very fortunate and privileged to live in America and for that I am thankful. Truly. But growing up black I was taught a lot earlier than my beige complexioned friends that this country wasn’t built to protect people like me.

America was not built to protect the people that Trump denounces. That’s why when three black Muslims were murdered, execution style, in Fort Wayne, Indiana last week the police said there was “no reason to believe this is any type of hate crime or focus because of their religion or nationality.”

It’s also why George Zimmerman has six mugshots (and counting because let’s be honest, he’s not done yet) but is free to live and Trayvon Martin is dead. And it’s definitely why mostly white men still have the power to decide what a woman does and doesn’t do with her body.

The sudden concern people have because of Trump’s approval confuses me. To me, his success is obvious. This country has been having a constant conversation about race for almost two years now. More than we have before. Trump comes in and ignores all of that. He speaks to the people who don’t believe that black and brown lives matter and for the people who think their unemployment is due to someone from Mexico coming to America and “stealing” opportunities from them.

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  1. I’m more of the opinion that it’s not America that is more racist, it is that Trump is hitting the hot buttons that makes people think they are a target of whatever and giving them a ‘target’ of sorts to ‘shoot’ back at it. Whether they all actually feel that way in their personal lives is another matter but without a target for their angst to be verbalized, most politicians don’t have a prayer of winning an election…and, well there ya go.

    I have no doubt that Trump is a RINO, mainly because he figured he wouldn’t win as a Dem, though he probably is more of a Dem than a RINO, /snicker. But make no mistake, he Is all about Winning. What he does if he wins, well, that’s to be seen.

    It was interesting that the Prez, supposedly said ”Trump won’t win” which of course became a reason for a section of people to say they’d vote for him. /snicker.

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    • You might find this interesting. It’s a recent op-ed piece from the Jewish news site, The Forward.

      American is no more racist than ever. What has changed is that there have been those in prominent social positions over the last eight years who have been eager to pander to and legitimize ignorance and hatred for political advantage. Donald Trump is just the latest and greatest right wing idiot to promote racism. He has taken it to the next level. Though Trump’s not quite Adolf Hitler, he is wildly popular with white supremacists, which says it all. 🙂

      There are a lot of stupid people in the world, and Trump knows how to talk to them.

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  2. This world is going to hell and no one wants to truly do anything about it…except me


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