Thoughts for the Day

Except for the ones that flick through my brain and disappear in one of the
empty cells somewhere deep in my brain that holds memory, or maybe it’s just
erased somehow. Or….

“Memories are maintained by chemical signalling between brain cells that relies
on specialised receptors called AMPA receptors. The more AMPA receptors there
are on the surface where brain cells connect, the stronger the memory.

The team led by the University of Edinburgh found that the process of actively
wiping memories happens when brain cells remove AMPA receptors from the
connections between brain cells.”

Blame it on those dang AMPA receptors heh

Seriously, we cannot be made in God’s image because the human body, race is the
Most ineffiecient of species with a working brain that there could possibly
be. Hormones that trigger emotions or emotions that trigger hormones, a waste
treatment system that has got to be the worst system in the Universe since the
pollution from same is like ewwww!!!! which only gets Worse as we age and not counting All the other bodily fluid systems that leak at the slightest provocation. Think paper cut.

The icing on the cake? the perchance for being subject/target to every virus, bacteria parasite that Also happens to inhabit the earth. The human body is Their playground, sighh Add to Those critters, we add our own pollution with the varied, assorted chemicals means of power etc that the One thing that should work in our favor (but doesn’t always)and are created by our larger brain. Apparently, our Brain is not even in His (Her) image since
His (Her) image is busy compiling more stuff in the Universe. Hopefully with better success, less the messy stuff.

The list is Long with what is not an ideal species for populating the earth, so what in the world was the thinking or perhaps we, the human race, are more of an accidental occurrence that is being beaten all to pieces by a more efficient species somewhere in the Universe. Yes, that possibility is getting higher on the possibilities as our earth rotates around a Sun (which is going to run out of juice one of these centuries), in an Asteroid Belt, with other planets that are deader than a door knob.

And as you digest that bit of information, in a larger context, the earth being situated where it is, is rather like being behind the eight ball, isn’t it?

So for all those Evangelicals, they might have One thing right, there is a better place. It’s for a better, more efficient, in His(Her) image and it’s Not meant for us because we are indeed an ‘Endangered Species” …. sighhhh

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  1. I think I’ve maxed out on ‘you have to be Saved’ by people that apparently have no idea of what being
    Saved entails…sighhh

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