China Caught Supplying Canned Human Meat To Africa, This Is Shocking News!!


China has robustly denied the accusations leveled online and in Zambian media

In the media reports, an unnamed Zambian woman living in China reportedly issued warnings to Africans not to eat corned beef.

She claimed that dead human bodies were being collected and marinated before being canned and labelled as corned beef for human consumption .


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  1. I thought the worst of Chinese economic greed is selling Africa and Pakistan suspicious meat made of dead embryos, and fake big cheap egg made of jel and glue and colours, and giant shriimp revealed to be a sort of bred worms.

    Now I guess I’ll be a vegetarian better than beeing a canibal in this creepy ugly world but, minding that I also must avoid buying Chinese giant fruit and vegetable.

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    • This is funny stuff, Fada. Bozzfeed is a parody news site like The Onion.

      Like all great humor pieces, it has a basis in truth. Chinese environmental, sanitation and industrial standards are absurdly poor. I don’t like eating anything from China. While I’m fairly certain that this story isn’t true, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were. Nevertheless, it’s a fun story, if for no other reason than it caused Chinese government officials to pull their hair. Lol.

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      • Although I dislike China’s economic greed especially after recurrent incidents of catching fake goods and toxic food and plastic by Customs Police in Egypt but, I am not insisting that this article is true.

        Ironically, the article does’t scare me like the news of Oralando shooting does. The crime of selling suspicious food ‘if true’ is not lethal and scary like wasting fifty lives just because of their sexual orientation

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  2. Just an accusation. Not confirmed it is true yet.

    But here is my story: I went to China Center in Nairobi – Kenya when I want to buy some Asian stuff for cooking. I found a grocery in China Center which is supposed to sell Chinese products for Chinese people or Asian people living in Nairobi like me.
    I found black bean in a sealed vacuumed pack, I bought it and brought home to cook my dessert ( black bean soup ). I did soak it for 8 hours in water then bring it to boil. After one minute of boiling, the water turned black, and the bean turned GREEN itself.
    About the fact that THEY POISON THEIR OWN PEOPLE. No one comes to China center in Nairobi to buy thing except Chinese.

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