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With the myriad of events these past years, so many thoughts have ratcheted around, swirling begging attention, with not much of substance. Yet, there are kernels of information that portend nuggets of truth. Perhaps, even pathways into the future in certain areas.

Whether those pathways are positive or negative or somewhere in the middle is yet to be seen. Viewed in hindsight as all history is and by those that write it until the archeologists shift through the debris of centuries to offer a difference, slight in some cases, more so in others.

The Big Picture: the oceans of the earth are heating up. The simple fact that earth is 2/3rd’s water, more or less, is a positive, long held…. fact. Landlubber climate deniers concentrate on land temperatures. Completely, or on purpose, ignoring sea/ocean temperatures. Ocean temperature is a measure of the earth’s health. So is breathable air, drinkable water, two items that humanity relies on and that appears to be not viable for future generations. It may take centuries, but in some areas drought already has a death mask on it’s face and wipes out all expectations of a food supply.

Secondary Picture: War, destructive wars, though small in sample or a different type, except for those involved, are being relentlessly pursued in various parts of every continent. Some are based in religion, others political, but for the most part arise from the hubris of mankind and the focus
on destruction, mostly for destruction’s sake. Destruction is a proven fact of war, well documented, both historically and actual.

The Third Picture: Politics: the causative factor of the two above. Driven by tribal, religious or power, one of the major mental illness’s of humanity. Sucking in large swathes of humanity by charismatic leaders without regard for the reality of the destruction, both in land, property and lives of men, women
and children.

Can there be hope for better? Yes. Will there be better and in whose lifetime? Unknown.

We come late to knowledge it seems. Perhaps, it is best that we are kept in ignorance or a semblance of such, even leaders. Would that they hadn’t destroyed so much and all of that destruction has been centuries long costly for humanity. In terms of population education, calculation of probabilities, expediency in having a long-life, livable planet.

We will become, indeed, the mote in God’s eye.

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  1. In any evaluation, we must keep our focus on the Big Picture and make decisions based on fact.

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