Victims of Torture File Criminal Complaint Against Assad Regime in Austrian Courts

Victims of torture by the Assad regime have filed criminal complaint against Assad in law courts in the Austrian capital of Vienna, citing the arbitrary arrests and torture of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The victims accused the Assad regime’s military intelligence, the air force intelligence, and the general security branch of systematic torture of detainees in the prisons they run. The accusations also included murder, extermination, causing serious physical damage, and deprivation of freedom which amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

“They survived torture and detention in Syria and fled to Europe, where they now hope to obtain justice. Austrian authorities should follow the example set in Germany, Sweden and France and initiate investigations into systematic torture under Syrian president Bashar al-Assad,” said the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in a statement Tuesday.

“To help achieve this goal, on 28 May 2018, 16 Syrian women and men filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor in Vienna. The complaint against 24 senior officials in the Assad government is the first of its kind in Austria and follows four similar complaints under consideration by the Office of the Federal Public Prosecutor in Germany,” the statement added.

Syrian National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces

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