single, solo songs, sang throaty renditions, vibrating emotional, deeply heartfelt softly sung, molasses slow words written, whispering lines sliced through the words capturing the essence within a degree of meaning sobbing, special scintillating sliding over structured scales no limits lethargically… Read More ›

Coming with Spring

Romantic Dinners as though I didn’t conceive a thought how meeting you would wrought such a storm of emotions, longings in a whirlwind of summer contortions bring new different aspects, proportions the spring brings sun, delicate flowers, the sky darkens… Read More ›

Serenity of Seasons

  The near trees bent by wind, ice and snow bowing to the master, the icy winter beast waiting silently in the cold fastness of the ice for the sun to shed its warming rays once more making the landscape,… Read More ›


we move speeding past on parellel paths going as fast as the trains that speed by routed along their way and as far apart divided by land or water flowing swiftly a momentary glance seen through a pane small, befogged… Read More ›

The Wind

as the heart cries tears flow soft as the wind of spring gone lost in the first time of young love never to come back again until once in fall days found another love to fuse two hearts as the… Read More ›


when night light reveals the gloss glowing eyes yellow, golden, unfold slowly in the morning sunlight or narrow to slits it’s focus on the prey that lies silent waiting in terror known or unknown

Find A

bright shiny penny laying on the hard pavement waiting to be picked up, held in a hand, granting a wish to be chosen, close your eyes, wait and see what comes next, for a chance, a penny payment sunshine, glowing… Read More ›

Would You

yearn for that beyond the stars. the edge of universe which is naught but a dream yearn for easier to reach, those of  the highest peaks, reaches of the mountains yearn for that land, those witched, and are beyond the… Read More ›