Syrian Network for Human Rights

774 Civilians Killed in January 2018

Victims killed in an attack by Syrian regime forces on Douma city, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus suburbs – January 8, 2018. By: Yaser al Doumani

SNHR said today that no less than 774 civilians were killed in January by the parties to the conflict in Syria, including 550 at the hands of Syrian-Russian alliance forces.

The report notes that Syrian-Russian alliance forces concentrated their offensive in January on de-escalation zones in Aleppo and Idlib governorates as well as Eastern Ghouta. Syrian-Russian alliance forces were responsible for more deaths than any other party, killing 550 civilians, including 232 in Damascus and its suburbs governorates, 223 in Idlib, and 51 in Aleppo. The report also notes that Syrian regime forces used barrel bombs again in their offensive on Idlib and Aleppo governorates which resulted in more civilian deaths.

The report records that 774 were killed in January 2018. Of those, Syrian regime forces killed 408, including 76 children and 54 women (adult female). Also, among the victims killed by Syrian regime forces were five who died due to torture. Forces believed to be Russian killed 142 civilians, including 40 children and 33 women. On the other hand, the report adds that 13 civilians were killed by Self-Management forces in January, including two children, one woman, and two victims who died due to torture, while the report says that 66 civilians were killed by extremist Islamic groups – divided into 64 civilians killed by ISIS, including 17 children and nine women, and two civilians, including one child, killed by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham. Additionally, the report records that two civilians were killed by factions from the armed opposition, including one woman. Lastly, the report records that 24 civilians, including six children and eight women, were killed in air attacks by international coalition forces in January.

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