I Watch

on a cloudless, blue skyed morning
as the eastern sun rises, stretches
across the tops of the near buildings
brilliant light, glows on leaf, grass, glass
the tiny sparkles of nights dew, evaporate
quickly snuffed out by the radiant heat

I had paused to read anew, poems written by you
not meant for me, of course, perused by an audience
scattered on the ether, that you had permitted to view
when the morning light came through my window
would that it could, chase away the darkness left behind
a small darkness, deepest ebony, contained in memory
by sheer force of will to keep the sorrow at arm’s length
that those words, poems are no longer shared by you

yet, this morning, a weakening of my usually strong strength
weakens as I read the words, savoring each as a delectable sweet
place upon my tongue, slowly chewing each morsel, sugared
laced with chocolate cocoa, ground fine, whipped into filigree’s
mounded carefully around almonds, a confectionary supreme
a phrase strikes me awake, full attention to a different meaning
or perhaps my view has expanded, exploded as the morning sun
when the darkness is chased over the horizon to the corner vestiges
on the other side of the world where darkness, sleep descends

Longing awakens in me for more words, a craving that chocolate
cannot assuge nor passing over, skimming poems written by others
missing you

Categories: Literature, Poetry

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  1. Couldn’t leave without… leaving a poem 🙂

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  2. Beautiful words for a new day. Thank you


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