The movement that dare not speak its name in Israel

The Progressive Democrat

Vocal opposition to the war in Gaza can be hard to express in Israel, where campaigner Gideon Levy says people ‘leave their liberalism’ at the 1967 border

Thousands of people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest against attacks on Gaza, 26 July 2014. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty

By Giles Fraser in The Guardian

Gideon Levy doesn’t want to meet in a coffee bar in Tel Aviv. He is fed up with being hassled in public and spat at, with people not willing to share the table next to him in restaurants. And now he is fed up with the constant presence of his bodyguards, not least because they too have started giving him a hard time about his political views. So he doesn’t go out much any more and we sit in the calm of his living room, a few hundred yards from the Yitzhak Rabin Centre. Rabin’s assassination by a…

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  1. Netanyahu and the right wing in Israel are out of orbit. Their behavior indicates they believe they are untouchable and unstoppable — power mad. They can only be reined back from within by the Jewish people non-Zionist in Israel.

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    • I believe that we would all rather not make such comparisons–but the overtly fascist behavior of Israel’s political right constantly invites them. Many Germans opposed the Nazis from day one. The majority democratic socialists, Germany’s oldest political party, were in the forefront of that opposition. But Germans very quickly became too afraid to speak out. The same has now happened in Israel.

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