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  1. I see the best skill of President Obama is the ones he honed as a community organizer. Building consensus or a critical mass to effect change whether on a neighborhood level, city, state , national or international is a not easy, swift, or complete. Change is not static, or ever complete.
    Obama is intelligent, ethical, and pragmatic, knowing the limits of what any country can do in real time. He is not imperial, he is not a savoir, he is not egotistical.
    He receives, as president, all the analysis of any problem or issue from a variety of sources, beyond anything we can know even with the internet and social media. He has and will respond to the crises in, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria . He is consulting with other leaders, employing economic sanctions,
    humanitarian aid, and yes limited military response.
    I think he is the right president for these unsettleling times.

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