Evolution and How Race Became A Standard Line of Human Demarcation.

For centuries people thought that physique was the defining factor of racial identity. For many
of those centuries, they also thought the world was flat.

Unfortunately, there are people who still hold firmly to the belief that physique, more commonly known as race,
is the biological division of humans. How they arrived at that conclusion, I haven’t obtained sufficient
information/data from anyone to make a distinction.

There is no biological division of humans. Humans are Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens.
This was proven by Charles Darwin and other anthropologists. All of which has been scientifically
confirmed. Yet, there are still people that deny the findings as inaccurate.

What there has evolved is a societal phyla of humans. Structured to meet any standards that people considered of another’s physique/race  which was consistent with their beliefs, their societal structure (tribal groupings) or their religion. From Aboriginals to Zulu’s, the societal phyla has divided again and again until there are so many that the universitas is unlimited. It has diverged from large groups into smaller groups within the larger groupings. Smaller groupings have also stayed static amid dense jungles or remote areas of earth with the occasional lone survivor of some catastrophic event.

This ability to evolve a structured phyla is enhanced by people choosing to reside among their like physique humans.A choosing that can diminish the accessibility of interaction with those of a different physique and/or has lead to the grouping being constrained by a larger grouping of a different physique. It also can lead to a larger group having an intial feeling of superiority.

What many overlook is the simple fact that the human body adjusts to the environment, evolution and adaptibility. These are the two main keys to how humans have survived and evolved.

Hopefully, one day humans will evolve past the structured phyla also.

On Wikipedia, the section Human Skin Color has a list of over 100 source information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skin_color

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  1. I had the unenviable commenter state that humans are not the same based solely on physical features. He/she was adamant that this was the why some were better than others. The old saw a dog can’t have kittens and a cat cannot have puppies but humans of any physical feature can have babies as long as there are two genders involved. He/she is probably still trying to wrap their mind
    around that one.

    And thus the article. Yet, when you break the distinction of the physical into the socially structured elements (which there are ongoing studies to discern the why) there are advantages and yet IMO that the disadvantages outweigh any gains. Historically, this has been proven by the litter of failed governments that chose to be led by one group overgoverning the other.

    St Louis County is an example of this on a smaller scale. Randy Balko’s ”How municipalities in St Louis County, MO profit from poverty ”


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  2. The more I read this little essay the more I like it. I am especially intrigued by the way you use language in talking about physique and societal phyla. It reminds me a bit of how the philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries used language in their treatises. Nice job, E.

    I found a fascinating essay on the subject on MIT’s web site, if anyone is interested:

    What DNA Says About Human Ancestry—and Bigotry


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