As We See

Look beyond the myriad reasons
the are many colors on the earth
rainbows collide, blending, bleeding
lost in the kaleidiscope of seasons

passing through life, each tiny, small
watch as they diminish in the distance
follow their  path back where they began
once they discovered church and law

ashes, dust, destruction left in their wake
prophets so eager to teach, to deaf ears
rebuild, reaching for the heavens, to leaven
appease the ambiguous, driven to the stake

souls deemed lost to tenet, church or crown
left to bleed, hearts blood into dust following
an admonishment ashes to ashes, dust to dust
a jeering taunting crowd, the victim, surrounds

what humanity is lost in the process of redemtion?
for they have none visible, viable in the action
whether with words, sword, the destruction leaves
as the victim bleeds, tears of sorrow at the hatred

Categories: Literature, Poetry

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  1. Whether in the US or the world, Justice and Mercy are in short supply

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