Illegitimate newborns murdered and discarded

In Pakistan, abortion is illegal, and so is adultery – creating a situation where hundreds of children born out of wedlock are secretly killed each year. Their bodies are, literally, thrown out with the garbage.


A child has just been born and nobody looks happy – not even his parents. His tiny body is still smeared in blood. The newborn cries incessantly, and so does the teenage mother. The baby weighs only 3,500 grams and is around the size of the palm of a large hand. And that’s when the mother’s trembling hands reach the child’s frail neck. She closes her eyes and presses her thumb against the child’s throat. She strangles him. A child who arrived in the “civilized world” some 45 minutes ago, must now leave it. The nurse puts the child’s corpse in a plastic bag and takes it out of the clinic.

Razia Zulfikar, a nurse working at a maternity home in the central Pakistani city of Gujranwala, says hundreds of illegitimate newborn babies are killed in the Islamic republic every day.

“An eight-month pregnant girl came to us just a few days ago. We didn’t want to admit her to our hospital. After repeated requests from her family, we finally agreed to treat her. But we told the family explicitly that we would not kill the child,” Zulfikar told DW. “We gave the baby to the girl’s family. Only she and her family know what they did to the newborn, and how they killed him,” she added.

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    Killed in the womb or shortly after being delivered from it, the travesty is equivalent. I guess the execution is less apparent when you cannot see the tiny child fighting for its life. We can point our crooked fingers at the Middle East and call them monsters; At least they have the audacity to look their children in the face as they choose to terminate the lives of their helpless, newborn children. We are cowards, refusing to look at the mangled mess vacuumed out of wombs which were meant to cradle and protect the developing fetuses. Lest we not forget the three fingers pointing back at us.

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