Online Dating or Not

I signed up with awhile back. I was bored with news and commenters.

I told my Doc that all the guys on wanted was someone 20 years or younger than them which made them like 25 when the gal was born. So, I figured all they wanted was a housekeeper/cook/nurse/ chauffeur and that wasn’t me. LOL…He said ”tell them you don’t cook, clean house etc”. I said ”like that would work”. He said ”you’re in better shape than most of my patients your age or even younger”.  I shot back at him, ”and at my age, there are like 6 women for every guy still around that hasn’t been planted.  Bad enough there are like 4 for every guy from get go.”

He also kinda freaked when I told him I wasn’t from Kentucky. He said ”I thought you were different.”  He’s a talker.

So today, I finally got around to checking on it again…and yep, same old stuff. Can you Believe a 70-year-old guy wants a 40-50 year old woman???  Seriously? What does he think he’s going to get? Or maybe it’s his way of advertising for a housekeeper/cook/nurse. LOL    And one guy 63 wants a 30 year old!…can you believe that one?  So far I haven’t run across any that put the age so low that it made them like old enough to be their Father though I don’t doubt there are a few thinking along those lines.

About the Only thing I’m doing with the online dating is reading their bio’s, and figuring that the older (geezers) guys are hoping they’ll hit the jackpot: a great looking woman who cooks, cleans, has money and is a nurse without any kids. They couldn’t get one (some are divorced) so they’re going to give it another shot before they get planted.

So I don’t even bother chatting or emailing or even paying the subscription to even be annoyed with them. And so far, not a One is a Poet. One of my specifications. Dang!

And that’s my trip into Online Dating  which was really a trip!  ROFLOL

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  1. Well, the only saving grace is, it’s a pastime to while away time between snarky comments on other websites. 🙂 But Online Shopping is Way Better!!!!!

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  2. That experiment? was a waste of time, so I ditched it. One less email to clog up my email list. 🙂


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