Random Thoughts

Anyone keeping count of how many apologies GOP have to make for opening their mouth and
sticking in their foot?

It’s 66 degree’s right now and going downhill the rest of the week. It’s strange though because
it doesn’t feel that cold.

I’m going to purchase a Kindle Fire tablet. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking of doing.
I might change my mind after I look at some more tablets. There’s a lot involved with choosing
a tablet. For one thing I definitely want a USB port and earphone port. Got to have my music!

I hope that my oldest son’s co-workers like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake that and Black Forest
Cherry cheesecake. I’m being ambitious this month. I do believe I’ll need to bring it to them since
if I let him pick them up, they may make it and they may not. Recipe’s from c.1995 Better Homes and Gardens
Complete Book of Baking. Actually, not really complete but I’ve gotten recipes from all over, and now
YouTube. I love Joy of Baking video’s. She makes sure you know what equipment you’ll need also. I still have
my first Joy Cookbook c 1980 also and a newer one. 🙂

Crock Pot Roast is the Best!  Cooking it now and the smell is fabulous.

Tomorrow is laundry day. sighhh and finishing up a puzzle. Puzzle’s teach you how to be observant. Especially
when you knock some pieces on the floor.

Don’t forget to drop a dollar or two in the buckets for the Salvation Army. They are one of my charities because
they spend less on administration than just about every other charity I know about.

The next Congress is going to be worth watching. Especially what they write in legislation. They’ve already posted
a few in Thomas Library of Congress. The XL pipeline and Personhood. Can’t have making money interfere
with a social matter….. like peeping Tom’s.

Yahoo has so many advertisements loading, it’s a wonder that anyone gets a comment written or posted.

I like the get rid of spam reporting and I hope, like one commenter wrote, the IRS is watching you. haha

Did you know that a lamp switch wears out? I didn’t either until my 25 year old something lamp quit switching. It
just turned and turned. Hey, it’s a really nice brass based one. Of course I had to change out the lamp shade a
few times but I like it. My youngest put one of those new type bulbs in it back in 2008. It lasted until this year. So
I bought another one. 6 years isn’t a bad deal for a lightbulb lifespan. Better than a lot of other things we buy

Our new town Mayor is a Republican. heh. He talks fast too. I think he thinks the grass is greener on the other side
of the fence but I’m also thinking he’s about to find out that maybe the grass need watering. hehe

Is there a nail polish that can hold up to typing on a keyboard?  I’ve tried various ones and top coats. No joy so far.

The last of the leaves are coming down and turning to dust which immediately coats my car. There is Air Pollution even
if we can’t see it.

And that’s all folks for Random Thoughts for today. No jokes, well if you don’t count the GOP! /snort

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  1. A right hand turn coming from daily life….better for the blood pressure too. 🙂

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