Anonymous Seized The Klan’s Main Twitter Account This Morning

By skywriter

and wouldn’t let go until a short time ago.

By DevianBlack (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By DevianBlack (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Anonymous had been in control of the Klan’s main Twitter account @KuKluxKlanUSA since 9 this morning, posting its own pictures on the racists’ account and using the hashtags, #OpKKK #Ferguson and #lulz.

Anonymous issued this video explaining its actions. Anonymous took action after the Klan threatened protesters in Ferguson with lethal force.

The Klan is “very upset.”

The Klan also threatened a a reporter who taped the call and posted the threats: “We’ll be watching you.” etc.

Meanwhile the Klan set up a second account, @YourKKKcentral where it issued threats “to call the FBI!” Anonymous quickly toook controls of that account too.

Anonymous declared cyber war after the Klan threatened Ferguson protesters with physical violence. Using the hashtags #OpKKK, and #HoodsOff members of Anon have been pulling the#HoodsOff Klan members in the St.Louis and Ferguson area, showing their faces and other identifying information all day long.

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  1. WOW, is all I can say for now.
    Cyber wars on Twitter accounts.
    Seriously, I am very disturbed that goverment officilas are preparing for controling violence once the grand jury results are made pulbic.
    I have seen the protests in Ferguson since the beginnig and they are peaceful , jsut lots of shouting and chanting.
    Sure they are always a few folks at the fringes that take the opportunity to break into a store or start a fight.

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  2. Hi, lakeview. I really love this post. The idea of the Ku Klux Klan ranting about their rights being violated…absolutely hilarious.

    This entire case is disturbing. It’s disturbing because of the way it was hijacked to satisfy and appeal to differing political agendas. The truth was the first casualty here–because no one, absolutely no one, was interested in discovering what really happened or why. Obvious facts were ignored by everyone. Doesn’t fit your interpretation? Ignore it.

    The Ferguson police and the Missouri state authorities struggled to hide and conceal a pattern and a history of racial discrimination in arrests and prosecutions of African-Americans in their jurisdictions. The police response to the initial protests was grossly disproportional, excessive, unlawful and unconstitutional. Attacking journalists? What country is this?

    Objective observers quickly arrived at the conclusion that here was a police state out of control in relation to it’s constitutional obligations to its citizens. The Ferguson police department and the state of Missouri were officer Wilson’s greatest enemies in this case, because they confirmed to the eyes of the world that in this Missouri community the lawful authorities were habitually violent in their response to misdemeanors by minority persons in their community. The behavior of the police and the governmental authorities in Missouri was just plain mean and stupid.

    The manner in which the left wing media ratcheted up the racial aspect of this case was equally shameful.
    With the murder of Trayvon Martin fresh in the minds of the American public, the left wing media framed the narrative of Michael Brown’s killing as just another episode in which an innocent young African-American man was unjustly murdered by a white man with a gun. Total bullshit. Without any acknowledgement of the known facts in the case, left wing political pundits like Al Sharpton eagerly sought to capitalize on this tragedy by fueling the local community’s outrage.

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  3. How do we police other people’s thoughts? And even if we could, should we? Would we really want to?

    Racism is a reality of the world we live in. It’s a primitive impulse. Psychological studies indicate that our brains are “hard-wired” to stereotype our experiences, which in turn colors our perceptions of the world. More often than not, we see what we expect to see.

    The shooting death of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson could well serve as a classic case study footnote in the psychology of human perception. Everyone saw the incident through the lens of their own personal experiences and beliefs.

    I like Anonymous too. I like the random element they represent in our universe. A certain amount of chaos is a good thing.

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    • I agree but I was under the false impression that we Policed our actions. A certain amount of chaos is a good thing but when we can not trust our law enforcement, our states government, while our federal laws are underfunded. Corporations rape our revenue. I think we have passed a “certain amount of chaos””.

      Just my colored view of America and what it could be.:-) Typed with a sad smile old friend. I still believe that any law enforcement involved in the KKK should be fired. They serve us all and we pay them.

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      • Hi, gen. I think you misunderstood what I was intimating. My fault. I was being deliberately vague.

        I completely agree that anyone associated with the KKK should be disqualified from being a police officer. I am not aware of any police officers in this case being identified as members of the KKK. I am aware that there is a presumption that the shooting death of Michael Brown was somehow racially motivated. The KKK certainly see this as a racial issue. I’m not sure I agree with them.

        Michael Brown was not walking home from a convenience store with a can of pop and a bag of Skittles. He had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the store owner. He was walking down the middle of a busy street. He ignored the lawful orders of a police officer. [Something happened.] He was shot multiple times in the arm. If Darren Wilson had wanted to kill Michael Brown, then he must be an incredibly poor shot.

        I believe that this officer will be found innocent. He will be found innocent because the facts and the testimonies of numerous witnesses, many of whom are African-Americans, do not support the narrative that Michael Brown was an innocent victim of excessive police force against a young man because of his skin color.

        Was racism a factor in the shooting death of Michael Brown? I don’t know. There is a very well documented bias in the way our justice system discriminates against minorities. We all know that. But if I assume that someone who is an African-American or a police officer in a small Missouri town fits a certain stereotype and therefore their behavior and motivations are obvious…


        • We clearly have different views on this issue. We agree about one issue. I also believe that the officer will get away with a huge bank account and not even a slap on his hand.. There were law enforcement officers discussed and exposed via twitter by Anonymous . Several were from Florida.

          What I saw of the store video (2 or 3 sec) looped combined with the fact that the owner did not even bring up charges, makes me wonder about the full story. I heard two versions of that story. After hearing the recording of the gun fire, witness testimonies, the time between the first 2 shots and the unloading after, makes me doubt the officers story. I grew up around guns and I was good at hunting and on the range.

          A young man lost his life and sadly that is lost in this entire debate. There was a time when I would question if race played a role when I lived up north. I am in the deep south now and racism is everywhere and toxic. What is sad, I do not fear the minorities, I fear those white men openly carrying guns. Along with the NRA, they are just making matter worse.

          As far as law enforcement. The Federal government was not pleased with the civil rights issues by the department. North, south, east or west, I trust the Federal government more than a local/state department. At least that was my personal experience with the FBI over our local law enforcement.

          OK, a question for you about our justice system. Have you been “not guilty” of a speeding ticket when you know (beyond any doubt w/ a witness) that the officer made a simple misjudgment/mistake? Did you try proving that in court? How did that work out for you? Have any luck especially if you could not afford a lawyer or naive enough to believe you did not need a lawyer?. Don’t get me wrong. There are excellent officers that serve us all but there are officers that just love the power and control. They are human with flaws. I have seen too many of those flaws while conforming to group think.

          Today, our nation has set up an ugly cycle. Allow citizens more powerful guns. Give the police war weapons to control armed groups which has increased since we elected this President. The bar is low to be an officer in my state. We all pay to high a cost especially if you are going to give police a heavier hand on the legal scale. All types of minorities are in the front line including women..

          I want to repeat that a young man lost his life.

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          • Good comment, gen. I’m anxiously awaiting the grand jury’s decision. I pretty much agree with everything you say. My only question is whether or not Darren Wilson was justified in the shooting of Michael Brown. That is the real issue here. I still don’t feel like we know enough to arrive at an informed conclusion.

            It is difficult to imagine why a police officer would fire his gun twice at a suspect from a seated position in his car or how he would find enough leverage against a standing suspect who is 6’4″ and 292 pounds to grab him and drag him through a car window. I have no doubt in my mind that Michael Brown assaulted Darren Wilson and wrestled with the officer for his gun. There is no other logical explanation.

            But what is key is whether or not the subsequent shots fired after Wilson exited his car were justified.

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