Arab-Jewish School, Symbol Of Jerusalem Co-Existence, Torched

Mideast Israel Vandalism

Associated Press photo via The Huffington Post/Mahmoud Illean

JERUSALEM, Nov 30 (Reuters) – Suspected Jewish extremists set fire to a classroom in an Arab-Jewish school in Jerusalem, police said on Sunday, targeting a symbol of co-existence in a city on edge over a recent surge in violence.

The premises were empty late on Saturday when assailants torched a classroom used by first-graders at the Hand in Hand school, where Palestinian and Israeli children study together in Hebrew and Arabic.

“Death to Arabs” had been scrawled on a schoolyard wall.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the slogan pointed to “nationalist motives,” a reference to suspected far-right Jewish attackers.

More than 600 pupils attend Hand in Hand. From pre-school to high school, its student population is divided equally between Jews and Arabs. There are four other such schools in the Hand to Hand network in Israel.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story, pickle. It illustrates two important points about the current state of Israeli society: that there are those in Israel who believe in and work for tolerance and understanding between Arabs and Jews; and that there is also a deep political strain of fascist nationalism ruling Israel that does not desire peace.

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