No indictment in NYC police chokehold death of Eric Garner

Police advance on Eric Garner (Screen capture)

Police advance on Eric Garner (Screen capture)

By David Ferguson in the Raw Story

The Staten Island grand jury investigating the death of New York’s Eric Garner — an asthmatic man who died of a heart attack after being held in a police chokehold — has declined to issue any indictment of Daniel Pantaleo, the officer involved.

The New York Post reported Wednesday afternoon that the officers involved with the incident have been cleared of charges.

“A Richmond County grand jury has completed its investigation into the tragic death of Eric Garner on July 17, 2014, after being taken into police custody for an alleged sale of untaxed cigarettes in the Tompkinsville area of Staten Island, New York. After deliberation on the evidence presented in this matter, the grand jury found that there was no reasonable cause to vote an indictment,” Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan said in a statement.

Garner, 47, was accosted by police on July 17 and accused of illegally selling cigarettes. In video of the incident, officers were observed placing Garner in a headlock to subdue him.

While in the headlock, Garner, who had asthma, repeatedly told officers he was unable to breathe. Garner had a heart attack and died in the ambulance on the way to medical help.

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  1. I have felt outrage one too many times this year over stories like this one. We had an eerily similar case in Oklahoma this last February. In this case too, the medical examiner determined that the cause of death was homicide. A husband was simply trying to intervene in a spat between his wife and daughter. He had committed no crime. Police intruded into a public argument between family members, used unnecessary force in doing so, ignored a restrained man’s complaints of being unable to breathe, and killed him.

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  2. I turned off my TV last night when I heard the only person indicted was the individual who took the video. I wish I was shocked. Depressed, “yes”, not shocked or surprised…

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  3. There is a pattern here about killing an unarmed suspect by a cop when it is not a serious crime or life or death situation for the cops.
    And the grand Jury system used by prosecutors to hold harmless the cop is a secret process that is being misused.
    I am glad folks all over the country are out protesting. Cops need to have proper training and any rouge cop should be dealt within a court of law. I think maybe the civil ligtagation against these officers might get the cites invovled their attenion. Pay out hundred of thousands of dollars to the victims families will also help to get some needed reforms.

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  4. Hello, lakeview. That’s a good point. I wonder how wrongful death civil suits fare in these types of cases. When an ME certifies the cause of death as a homicide, it would think that it should be a slam dunk.

    In the Ferguson case, my view is still evolving. But either way, in my opinion, these protests are long over due; there should be more of them and they should be louder.

    But there are positive signs that things are beginning to change. The first step is for the American public to comprehend that there is a problem. Police chiefs are answerable to mayors who are answerable to voters. People are growing tired of these outrageous cases of police misconduct:

    Three Los Angeles police officers violated department rules for using deadly force when they fatally shot an unarmed man following a high-speed chase last year, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has found.

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    • I hope I do not go off topic here. I have been thinking about this a great deal over the years.

      First, I have been impressed with the diversity of the protesters including those in Ferguson which was not covered by media. Normally, Human rights and national protesters benefit the majority of our society but so many have forgotten this fact. Like others, I have all been witnessing an increase in state abuse toward our own citizens.

      A body camera will help but it is not enough. Case and point – the person filming this event was the only one arrested. We need accountable News media today not some corporation feeding us what they want us to think. When someone or some group in power displays abuse, corporate media uses ‘stinking thinking’ to justify the abuse. I hear lies daily by Media via cable. Maybe we should be asking who is really trying to control the way we think, how we view our nation and why they are telling us their views?

      Remember the 99 percent protests and I saw how the media treated those individuals? The protesters were peaceful, and well organized using social media. Several (cable) corporate media programs refused to even cover the protests while they gave the teaparty (full air time). Personally, I think the teaparty was a small uninformed group controlled and funded by the one percent.

      I am praying for positive change in a time when we all need to have hope that change. equality, and fairness is possible against a super wealthy few hiding behind corporate control.

      Again, my question: Who do you think is really trying to control the way we view the issues, our nation, our laws, our freedom, and why they tell us what to think instead of reporting all the facts?

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      • Hi, gen. I have never known you to be off topic, but always someone who feels and thinks deeply. I hope that you never hesitate to say what is on your mind. It would be our loss.

        You are correct to underscore the importance of diversity and protest, of civil disobedience, to the history of our unique democracy. The same complaints were often heard during the anti-war protests of the 1960s, that the corporate media stereotyped the protesters and neglected to report their diversity.

        The world is ever changing while human nature remains the same. The powerful never cease to conspire upon ways to enslave the weak and silence those who protest their conditions. And the oppressed always find ways to resist and new means of defiant expression.

        The Koch brothers had planned to buy a number of major news outlets, such as The Los Angeles Times, but abandoned the project. The internet has changed how people get their information. Things that were hidden before are now revealed. Dictators are learning hard lessons and struggling to silence their critics everywhere. And they are failing miserably.

        I’m not very concerned about the corporate media; they are profit driven and the people determine what sells. There will always be a market for nonsense–and for truth.

        The Washington Post, for example, was recently sold. The new owners are Republicans. The editorials are absurd. But in every edition are the writings of great progressive authors like Chris Cillizza and Eugene Robinson.

        Sure. The power elite tries to control the narrative. How’s that working for them? Lol. The power of the press. I love it.

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        • Thank you for the words of encouragement. I enjoy your positive prospective. i have watched history but this feels different. We as Americans are up against unlimited funds. I have seen its impact and worry about what it implies for our future.

          Are you concerned about the excessive wealth that is being used against us? If feels like a powerful few care only about greed. They hire think tanks to keep citizens from thinking for themselves.. The division of wealth worries me along with our highest court. our Supreme Court feels corrupt. Maybe i am being paranoid but if feels like we have a party that actively deceives our citizens.

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          • “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

            The Republican Party mostly deceives its voter base. Trust me. Two years from now, everything will be crystal clear for the voting majority. Republicans are like wife-beaters. They always promise never to do it again–but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

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            • I can not think of a better quote. I am ready for the culture shock to hit the majority and that everyone notices. I must admit that temporary shutting down major events and roads has made people notice. You have to love the power of social media. Thank you old friend. I needed to hear hope.

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