Can the Israeli and Western Press be trusted? Palestinian SPRAYS acid on “Israeli” Family!!!

acid attack

At first blush, this report sounds horrific.  The acid attack makes front page news the world over.  Rightfully so; acid attacks have disfugured many and ruined lives beyond measure.   Initial reports claim that this kind and magnanimous Israeli family stopped to help a Palistinian and offer him a ride.  The evil Palestinian repaid them by throwing acid at them resulting in them being lightly to moderately injured and were immediately taken to a hospital for treatment.

Is it possible there is more to the story?  Why are there no photos or follow up to the horrific injury from this acid attack?

The truth and what many front page reports left out of the exaggerated story:

1.  The acid used was VINEGAR (How do you get injured by vinegar?  It is used as a beauty aid from a hair rinse to an astringent that helps shrink your pores).  It could sting a bit if it got in your eye, though.  Highly doubtful you would even need to see a medical professional if you managed to pour large quantities directly in your eye.

2. The Palestinian who threw the vinegar was an on-looker, and the family had not offered him a ride – they were giving a ride to another settler.

3. The area where this occured is an ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT, the Etzion settlement bloc. The family may very well be Israeli, but they are occupying land that does not belong to them.

4. The vinegar throwing Palestinian was mentally disturbed, and there are records of his treatment with a mental help professional.

5. The vinegar throwing Palestinian was shot by an armed ILLEGAL SETTLER.  Why are the settlers allowed to carry weapons and live on a land that is not theirs according to international law?

If you google the topic, you will find many histrionic reports:

Acid attack on Israeli family in the West Bank amid unrest – The Independent

Palestinian Attacks Israeli Family With Acid – ABC News

Palestinian Man Sprays Israeli Family and Hitchhiker With Acid, Israel Says – The New York Times by Isabell Kirshner.  Isabell has a son who is serving in the IDF.  Note how her story is dripping with bias and neglects to mention any Palestinian deaths caused by the IDF.

I will give credit to the Jerusalem Post.  They did report that the acid was vinegar, but it was hardly front page news: Report: Acid used in West Bank attack was vinegar

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  1. If Internet viewers aren’t aware of liars on the Internet, they are dumber than a sack of rocks. The liars on the Internet are past disgusting.

    Whether there was an attack with acid or vinegar shouldn’t be the point. The point is that there are people on the Internet who will do in real time or write in cyber time anything that promotes ….Hatred. Be doubly aware that hate speech, written or verbal, is the hand of Evil and should be eliminated, when heard or seen.

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  2. Though this megaphone blasted “terror attack” has been thoroughly discredited the initial reports are still out there. ‘A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on it’s shoes.’

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  3. Vinegar? Seriously? I ask you: How is it possible to have enormous kosher dills without vinegar?

    It almost seems like a trivial kind of news cycle sort of lie. But the real significance of this story is that it underscores the prevailing political reality in Israel today: that no minor offense, no perceived slight or insult by an Arab–no matter how insignificant, no matter how inconsequential–will ever be overlooked for its potential value to promote the bellicose and fascist political agenda of the ruling factions in Israel.

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