Commentary -Current Events II

Stalin, Hitler and ISIL: All have one thing in common, purges of those they find ‘objectionable’. They wasted and waste  future generations and human capital. The sole reasons that they seem to have been trying to achieve: is complete power and control of a population. The same can be said for several other dictators. Yet, their history is short lived as will any that attempt the same method.

Clinically dead women being kept as incubators for a possible live birth. I haven’t found any research as to medical science having the ability to stop decomposition of said dead body. BBC news ”Mum-to-be’s life support can be shut down, says Dublin court”

The Japanese have ‘discovered’ how to make a fetal mouse egg and sperm from cells. It appears that they are researching how to make human eggs and fertilize them. Just what we need, more mice and people. As if either cannot procreate in abundance on their own without any cloning technique’s. BBC news  ”Life created from eggs made from skin cells”

And than there is Ukraine, NATO, Poroshenko and Putin. This latest move …towards…NATO…again, makes me wonder what politics Putin and Poroshenko are dealing. I do hope that NATO people are aware that once NATO is in Ukraine, Putin will have unlimited intel on any movements they do, equipment they have, down to the last pair of socks. heh Or Poroshenko is working out a backdoor deal with Putin. After all, Ukraine is virtually a country with high job skills and work ethic to rival Germany or Japan given the right circumstances. Even with all the opposing situations, Ukraine posted GDP at 177,430,609,756.1  A ripe plum, indeed.  Add to that plum pie:

”Ukraine reached a preliminary deal with the International Monetary Fund for a two-year loan of $14 billion to $18 billion, which will be the nation’s third rescue package from the IMF since 2008. As part of the IMF deal, Ukraine agreed to significant fiscal tightening, with a target of narrowing the budget deficit to 2.5% of GDP by 2016, and a shift to a flexible exchange rate and inflation targeting. The IMF agreement is set to unlock a planned $27 billion of international aid from the European Union, the United States, and other lenders over two years.”

President Petro Poroshenko with troops in Chuguiv, Kharkiv region. 6 Dec 2014

President Petro Poroshenko has said Ukraine needs a new guarantee of security

Is the West about to receive stigmata from Poroshenko and Putin? Time will tell.

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  1. One thing of note re: President Poroshenko, he was head of the Council of Ukraine’s National Bank at one time. His bio on Wikipedia is interesting.

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