Passive to Aggressive -Depletion of Human Capital

Throughout history, societies, large and small, have one thing in common. Status Quo. Status Quo has
as societies evolved into countries, became political and social by it’s very nature.

Today, in our country, there are division’s of opinion of the current protests regarding law enforcement.
One article on MSN had the headline: ”After Killing of 2 Officers, a Reversal in Attitudes to Police of Some Demonstrators and Officials”

My response:
Crossroads? Hardly, societies either improve as much as possible, for all or they become stagnated….in backward attitudes to repressive ones.The latter leading to degeneration of any society. America was and is a big land, once able to accommodate the population growth and avoid a lot of societal conflicts of a more populated area. Now, not so much. Now, comes the time when the…details…. of societal integration of All people become more pronounced and how they are treated.

Make no mistake…..the Devil is in the details. Either our US Constitution is meant for All, or is only for an elite sector.

Given the Diversity of the US population based in US Constitutional Law, there can be no ‘elite’ sector that is treated better, have more of the benefits of society.To deny the improvements for all but an elite, is to willfully want to bring down the structure of the US Constitution.
Protests by sector’s of US society must be addressed, remedies found and implemented. There is no Crossroads in improvement, there is only a straight path, the path laid out in the US Constitution.

 ”First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”.

To negate the Very first of the Amendments is to negate All the Amendments.

Societies are in constant flux, some slowly, some quickly,  for a variety of reasons, social, economic,political, historical depending on their geographic’s and demographics. Our society, the US, has an undeniable diversity that is unknown in the world’s history, under the principle’s and foundation of the US Constitution. Spiralling downward into the US States own Constitutions.

The Passive depletion of Human Capital becomes a quandry and efforts at division and derision at those not as able to meet the ‘standards’ of others that are more successful. This depletion takes the form of a lack of investment of capitol in education, health care and improvements in the living standards of those not as fortunate in opportunities as the ”successful” people. When money becomes the standard to value  people, there is a lack of compassion or interest in aid for those not meeting that standard. They are deemed unworthy in too many people’s mind set.

The Agressive depletion of Human Capital historically, were pogroms, genocide and purges of the intellect, educated, dissatisfaction with the current governing leaders and progressive thinkers of their times.
Death, loss of property, torture and imprisonment of those that would not keep to the standard of what a few decide was or is the ‘ideal’ of their governing. The names of those leaders are written, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, Assad. They, alone, didn’t do the depletion. They had assistance by either silence or active participation of other people in their quest of depletion of human capital though we hold them most responsible for the atrocities carried out during their tenure of leadership.

The results of human capital depeletion, their intellect, their material ownership and buying power, costs a society, not only in the short term but in the long term. The onsequences are in proportion to the waste of human capital  which can never be regained nor have a substitute.

A comparative: The loss of one flower from a flower plant, in a flower garden may not seem to be a major loss, yet the loss of the flower plant distorts the perception of the whole of the flower garden. The loss of more than one flower plant, one by one,  soon diminishes the flower garden into a bare space with only the lawn of weeds to be seen as the flower garden shrivels and dies, untended. It is much the same with societies.

Societies must be tended, details must be seen too, investment must be made to have the best results. Education, nutrition,  health care, infrastructure and lifestyle accomodations must be made to ensure  the availability of opportunities for as many as possible. Now is the time in our US history that details must be seen as something to be tended. It must and should be an investment, not only in people but in the future of the US as a viable, vibrant society capable of not only space exploration, but able to improve the Human Capital to standards unseen in the world’s history.

With a GDP that leads the world, it is possible. Yet, it is the governing of that capital that will prove whether the US has leaders that adhere to expanding Human Capital.

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  1. The Prosperity of any country, any state, any society depends on Human Capital. It is irrevocable.

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