Settlers throw stones at U.S. consulate convoy in West Bank after destroying 5000 Olive Trees


Settlers from the Adei Ad illegal outpost in the West Bank threw stones on Friday at an American consulate convoy, which arrived at the area to examine complaints that settlers destroyed Palestinian-owned olive groves the day before.

One of the landowners in the village is an American citizen, Israel Radio reported.

The bulletproof American vehicles only sustained light damage, and no one was hurt.

The American diplomats from the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem arrived at the area after receiving complaints from Palestinians from the village of Turmusayya that settlers uprooted 5,000 olive saplings on Thursday. The saplings were planted in a plot which was only recently cultivated after years of legal battles.


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  1. The Ottoman’s ( The Ottoman Land Code of 1858) land reform and many Arabs have left a mess when it comes to land ownership in more than one area. The history is interesting to read, though I wouldn’t want to be anywhere close to trying to do a title/deed search.

    And the Palestian’s and Israelites are still at it as to who owns what. If they run out of water for irrigation though, it’s not a possibility anymore. It’ll be desert.

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    • Here’s a link to an organization that explains what is happening on this particular tract of land:

      Perhaps the apparent mess is intentional? That would make it easier to steal it.

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      • Thanks, meloney. I’ll definitely give that a look.

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      • Meloney2…Thanks for the link…that ws very interesting.

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        • Well. I guess that answers that question. 🙂 We can hardly wait for your contributions. You have been missed, bluebird. Welcome home.

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        • Yesh Din, the Israeli organization that made the report, is similar to B’Tselem as a human rights activists. Until recently most all of their work was Hebrew only.

          About a month ago they submitted a petition to the courts demanding law enforcement:

          The petition, submitted by Attorneys Shlomo Zacharia, Michael Sfard, and Muhammad Shakir of Yesh Din’s legal team, notes:

          “There is and can be no doubt that as long as the outpost of Adei Ad remains intact, the violation of the petitioners’ rights will be exacerbated. Since all the respondents have reneged on their legal (and moral) responsibilities and refuse to enforce the law in the area; since they indeed actively supported, funded, and provided protection for the lawbreakers who have seized the area of the outpost since the respondents have refrained from acting to protect the petitioners’ rights and to reduce the enormous damage they incur with every passing day while the outpost remains intact; for all these reasons – the petitioners have been forced to turn to the honorable Court, for want of any other alternative, and recognizing that without its intervention, the area will continue to be a wild zone bereft of even minimal law enforcement. This situation wreaks a cost every day and every hour, while no-one speaks out and no firm hand is interested, or even pretends to be interested, in enforcing the law.”

          These are the same courts that repeatedly decide outposts should be evacuated but the state doesn’t do it. Take a look at these pics from Amona for an impression of the battles – are those light sabers being wielded by the warriors on horse-back? (see,7340,L-4608042,00.html)

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          • Thank you so much for sharing this information with us, Meloney. I came away from reading this post and comments with the feeling that I had suddenly grasped something new and important about our world. That is precisely the kind of experience that I hope every visitor to our World News Forum will enjoy.

            Oh! If only I had a dozen more such contributors…

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