WNF: World Predictions

This is a stab at seeing how good or maybe not,… 🙂 , we here at the WNF can predict anything about the world in the coming decades.

In your comment, list your top five predictions of overall interest in the largest of global systems: ie world powers, the UN, the oceans, space travel, the future of any of the continents or individual countries, medical ie the global spread of Ebola for instance was predicted back in 1990 but I forgot who said it.

Place an estimated timeline date by each prediction ie the year 2015 onward for example.  Each one can be your own prediction or you can cite someone else’s as long as you source it. 🙂

Categories: World history

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  1. And that’s as far as I got. I’ll have to come back for my predictions. 🙂


  2. 1)Science News 2100: Animals have been found that have evolved gill like aperture with filaments. Scientists say test results show the animals lungs are free of smog particle’s. Hope is given that humans can be adapted……

    2) Technical News 2120″ The last of the cables have been removed from the ocean floor. All communication is now 100% Quantum Laser.

    3) Political News 2200: Delegates from the planet X in the 45th Solar system are expected to arrive on earth 1400 hours in Peru to view the Nazcu Lines their ancestors drew.

    I’m still working on the other two. 🙂


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