Allegiance to ISIL splits Russian fighters

In the past two months three ‘Caucasus Emirate’ warlords appeared in videos declaring fealty to ISIL.

Russian security officers look at portraits of people suspected of involvement in terrorist acts [Reuters]

Russian security officers look at portraits of people suspected of involvement in terrorist acts [Reuters]

Moscow, Russia – In a lengthy diatribe posted on YouTube in late December, a full-bearded man in a loose white robe recites Quranic quotes before unleashing on an unseen opponent for growing a “plastic brain” and succumbing to “Satan’s tricks”.

The man is Ali Abu Muhammad, the fugitive head of the Caucasus Emirate, an underground jihadist network that has been fighting for years to turn Russia’s North Caucasus region into an independent state with Islamic law. Russian authorities outlawed the emirate as a terrorist group and Abu Muhammad, whose real name is Aliaskhab Kebekov, tops the federal list of the most-wanted criminals.

Kebekov’s tirade is aimed at his namesake, who goes by the nom de guerre of Abu Muhammad and considers himself the “emir” or ruler of Dagestan – the epicentre of an Islamist insurgency in Russia’s most ethnically diverse region, where hundreds of Islamist fighters, law enforcement officers, and civilians are killed every year.

A week earlier, Abu Muhammad declared that his small legion of bearded, camouflaged guerrillas had unilaterally left the Caucasus Emirate. Instead, they pledged allegiance to ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which now enlists hundreds of Caucasus natives and whose leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaimed himself the new caliph.

“You betrayed your brothers at a time when they needed unity and help the most,” Kebekov says in accented Russian sitting in front of the emirate’s black flag decorated with a Quranic phrase and the depiction of a sword. “You became the reason of a split between mujahideen. If you, brother, want to wage jihad with Baghdadi, go to him and leave us alone.”

Read more at Al Jazeera English.

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  1. This is a truly fascinating dimension of the Islamic State story. Great seed, Ecantados.


    • Thank you. When ISIL had the child shoot a supposed Russian spy, I remembered about Russia’s conflict with their own extremists and what their response would be. I wouldn’t take bets on the longevity of those that did the deed.

      It’s not only the western countries that are having issue’s with Islamic extremists. China has the same problem, after all there are a Lot of Islamic clerics calling for jihad or separatist’s using religion for their own agenda.

      If the UN Security Council countries (which does have a lot of power) don’t unite in this mess and decide to cut off All supplies, starve them out in effect, to the individual Islamic extremists ….it will continue.

      Do note: we haven’t seen any real sanctions or enforcement …….against any of them.


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