St. Kilda, Scotland -British Western Isles

The advent of film and photography gave us a visual documentary. With the advent of the Internet, the documentaries give us the ability to explore the world, without actually going there. 🙂  I hope you enjoy the visual of a small part of Scotland.

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  1. The 1908 film didn’t have audio yet. I thought it was inspired perhaps of the YT poster to not add audio. A rare glimpse at what we now take for granted. Back than, people learned to read from these sorts of films. Once I put together that bit of data, I came to the conclusion that some people need the added aspect of visual to learn….and I was one of them. haha

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    • It is nice to hear someone else wonder if reading and watching video material is an exception learning tool. Reading subtext and watching film with no sound would be good for society. Not in every case of reporting history but maybe it would force individuals to actually think instead of being told what to think. The problem, today it is hard to get people to turn off their phone and pay attention to what is going on around them.

      Thank you for posting these historical videos.


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