Whispering Taste

not forgotten, never forgotten, misplaced in childhood
toys, tastes, memories, dreams, accidently invoked
a spell woven as my mouth waters, throat swallows
the sweet taste of a thin wafer, spread with cream
comes to rest on my tongue like a long lost dream

Quick, on the heels of that awakening, another moment
a vague shape, shadowed ’round in, a solid casement
someone, a form, a fleeting thought, reached inward
blurred, whrled past, faster into the misty past, stirred
deep into my soul, surrounding, caring, with gentle touch

protection, lost in the daylight  knowing something, saw me
yearning, questing, ever watchful to catch, hold with glee
able to discern all the parts, pieces, realigned each time
gathered around my soul, whispered words began to rhyme
chanted slowly, ever growing, mystical magic warming

those times when betrayal, hurt, harm was dealt, meted
sharp as steel, slashed ribbons of flesh, to stone blighted
tears and  sobs to bath in, no less harmful than the first
waiting for the sips, than gulped with great gasping thirst
yet, gentled by a touch of laughter, love gathered to refresh

Categories: Poetry

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  1. so, when you eat an Oreo, what do you remember? 🙂 ….I had 7 siblings, I was the eldest, they wanted Everything that I had to eat. Now how can one look into a gentle, baby face and deny them a treat?

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