When Souls Part


walk quickly, look not behind lest you see the tears that fall at your leaving
the entwined souls, mating of minds, sharing of secrets, lives cleaving
long proclaimed, your love even as it diminished, crumbled to ashes, cold
justifications, gaunt, grim in the multitudinous chaos lost, love cannot hold
each passing grievance, proportionally enlarged into a mirrored reflection
becomes less, a leaving monumentally,  physically removed, a casual deflection

savage as the wolf’s threat, teeth bared, eyes aflame, gleam feral
a stance becomes clearly unfolded, disregarded, the imminent peril
caught in the turmoil, thrust into discord, love shriven, a corpse in a grave
placed a monument, craved granite stone, upon which stands the knave
misshapen, a gargoyle a loss to proclaim, limped, crippled, lame into birthed
watched carefully when people stare at strangers in a crowd, unearthed

inwardly defining, a downward spiral, sucked whirlpool,as ego’s stand proud
whence ghostly image, featured, clothed in diaphanous white, the death shroud
unbelieving, yet revealing, how love was nought but lust, emotion not consumed
from the beginning surrounded by bright light loving, never considered doomed
distracted by the lust, by heated  flesh burning brightly, only to die as quickly
a passionate, passing love poem held to a Setstet, a sonnet stanza’s, strictly

what hope for love when words, actions are not aligned?

Categories: Poetry

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  1. A granddaughter and her husband are separated. 😦

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