Syrian Coalition and Rebel Factions Vow To Address the Russian Aggression


The Syrian Coalition’s political committee met with representatives of rebel factions on Tuesday to discuss Russia’s airstrikes on Syria.

They condemn the Russian aggression, calling on all military and revolutionary forces to address it as a bold aggression against the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution. Both side agreed on joint steps to counter aggression and respond to it.

They pointed out that the airstrikes on Homs and Hama where over 50 people were killed have exposed Russia’s real intentions in front of the international community and demonstrate that this intervention aims only to prevent the Assad regime from falling.

They also agreed on laying out a common position on the four work groups proposed by the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura, adding that it will be announced in a joint statement at a later time. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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  1. Russia is ‘protecting’ Russian interests. If you look at the strike map, all but one are in an area close to Tartus and Lattakia Syria, on or near M1 highway. As I’ve wrote before, Russia will have a Russian seaport on the Mediterranean. Their sole reason for aiding Assad, that an the oil and natural gas deposits off Syrian shores.

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    • Hi, Ecantados. Russia is certainly protecting its interests in Syria and hoping to expand its influence in the region. The oil and gas assets of Syria are modest for the region. Russia has vast oil and gas resources. Those in Syria are of more importance to ISIS than to Russia.

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      • Russia has a huge stake in Syrian development of it’s resources as well as an unknown amount by China and both of which are members of BRICAS…..and India has a problem, investment in oil and gas is going down since the price went down. China Always needs resources somewhere.

        But from sources, Russia is only investing a nominal $90 million in a test well and research and prospecting. No doubt there were some other ‘side deals’ for other items.

        So no, the Syrian resource agreement was pre ISIS and no one should think for one NY minute that Russia will let ISIS take over the off shore gas and oil or the shale oil reserves.


  2. The Geopolitics of gas is moving most of recent wars, Afghanistan, Ukraine , and Syria

    When the yesterday’s terrorists and plane hijackers in Syria are armed and named freedom fighters ,.. chercher la gas , more accurate look for gas pipelines

    The problem is not the modest Syrian gas alone. Search for the construction of Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline

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  3. Fascinating. Thanks for the information, Fada. This is the first I have heard about this aspect of the Syrian civil war. I am aware of how the vital importance of Russian gas supplies to Europe–particularly Germany, Ukraine and Greece–have played a major role in defining the geopolitics of the Ukrainian conflict.


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